"It Takes Two"

In any relationship, it takes two. We usually think it's the other person's fault, and rant and carp about what THEY did......but what did you do? "Nothing! I did NOTHING!" you protest. But you were there. You were in the relationship, you responded, even if you didn't precipitate it. Like the yin-yang symbol, where there's a little white in the black and a little black in the white, there is a kernel of responsibility on each side, that grows into the whole.

In the final analysis, we can only change ourselves, but as EFT Master, Rue Hass said,

"It is remarkable when we change our perception of ourselves, we automatically change our perception of the world, and then the world changes."

In essence, then,

It's not what happens it's my reaction to it

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Testimonial - "After tapping, my relationship with that co-worker has certainly improved...so strange and exciting." - L.F.

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"Senior Moments"

We often joke about our "senior moments" ... when we can't remember something, or we 'go blank'. But we can make 'senior moments' a positive thing rather than a negative. By weaving a web between many holistic concepts, we can keep the ol' brain functioning for our lifetime.

Using many metaphysical, holistic modalities that I learned over the years for my own use, I have gathered them together to provide some real answers to those 'golden years'......There are items from Brain Gym, Touch for Health, EFT, creative visualization, astrology transits to look for, and other holistic, natural ways. Do you know how to walk, to enhance brain power for instance? This ebook will show you.

Testimonial - "Thank you so much for sending me your Senior Moments ebook . It is absolutely fabulous! I have been doing some of the exercises and I can feel them working. You've really got something wonderful here which, I think, will be of great value to many people.." - J.G.

copyright 2012, all rights reserved. Order by PayPal here, and it will be emailed to you within a day.

If you are a senior,
expect to be one (!) or
are an adult child looking for answers for a parent,
this is the ebook for you.
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